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How to Find Morton’s Coupons

As you probably know (since you are explicitly looking for Morton’s steakhouse coupons) – it’s very very difficult to find any discounts at Morton’s. This is likely due to their image of being a premier steakhouse and the quality they deliver doesn’t require coupons or discounts. While this is usually the case and if you look around the internet and to third party websites you probably will have an extremely difficult time finding even a hint of a Morton’s coupon. Luckily we are always on the prowl and have found a deal that lasts till March 31, 2012.

That deal is that Morton’s is being kind and offering all their customers what is in essentially 20% off if you play your cards correctly. That is because if you go out and physically buy a Morton’s gift card (the gift card is distributed physically – it is unknown if online purchases of eCards give the bonuses) of $500 you will get a free $100 added on top for a total of $600. This is equilivent to a ($500/$100) = 20% discount and is a great deal if you are a regular Morton’s steakhouse goer. You can also opt to go for the less expensive option and instead buy a $300 gift card of which you will have a free $50 added on for a ~17% discount.

To go ahead and claim this gift card promotion you will need to head on over to Morton’s gift card section of their site. From there you will be able to choose the gift card you want to give (remember the eCard unknown stipulation) as well as the amount, a message and who to send it to.

And while you’re over on the Morton’s website you mind as well take advantage of their awesome “VIP Experience for Two” that you can enter into by filling out their web form. They describe it as an all-expenses paid for the outing to Northern California wineries and (we can only imagine) some mouthwatering steak. Often companies like this will use these promotions as a way to build their email list and subsequently provide their guests with future discounts or Mortons coupons. In other words, we highly recommend that you go on over and signup to their email list here.

If you are aware of any coupons or discounts that is not the gift card deal above please feel free to shoot us an email over at our contact page!